Grenada gets rave review from UK journalist Daily Mirror showbiz correspondent Dean Piper has written a glowing review about the island of Grenada, describing it as ‘bang-on trend’ and able to provide visitors with the perfect mix of relaxation and an exciting nightlife.

The popular entertainment journalist went on to discuss the extensive selections of leisure options available, allowing guests to stay fit and healthy on their holiday with a range of activities.

Piper made note of the amazing natural produce growing in Grenada’s rainforests and other wild areas, as well, including the cocoa beans that go into making the island’s famous organic chocolate, and a number of exotic spices and fruits.

The high standard of the local restaurants was also commented on, with the breakfast and lunch eateries receiving special praise.

A great choice for holidays for singles,  Grenada is one of the most beautiful islands to be found throughout the whole of the Caribbean, and 2012 has seen it come into its own as a top destination.

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