Grenada Tourism Minister keen to focus on dive tourismWhile Grenada has always been known as one of the most luxurious holiday destinations to be found anywhere in the world, its latest push for tourism is based around one of people’s favourite activities to take part in on a holiday there: diving.

The excellent diving opportunities there were recently recognised, with Grenada being named as the Wreck Diving Capital of the island chain at the Scuba Diving Magazine’s reader’s choice awards. Its famous underwater sculpture park was also showered with praise, with National Geographic naming it as a ‘Wonder of the World’. George Vincent, the Tourism Minister for the island, is keen for diving to become the focus of the latest tourism campaign, labelling Grenada as the Caribbean’s best rec-dive destination.

If you are keen to discover why the diving scene in Grenada has been garnering so much acclaim, why not book your Single holidays to the island and dive in yourself?

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