There has been a significant rise in holiday bookings to Greece from the UK and Germany in early 2017.


This is an indicator of tourists arriving in the country this summer as most bookings made for that time period are made before the end of March.

According to a GFK survey, the rise in bookings to Greece from Germany was of a whopping 59 percent, which makes Greece the second most sought after destination for Germans after Spain.

Greece also took second place to Spain in the UK as bookings to the country rose 12 percent between January and March 2017.

Croatia, Cyprus, and Egypt also received an increase in holiday reservations during this period.

Whether opting for Zante, Athens, Rhodes or any of Greece’s other top destinations, a single holiday abroad in this ancient and picturesque land continues to be an attractive proposition with its beautiful landscapes and site seeing hotspots.


Take a look below at some of the nation’s most incredible sites for tourists.

Acropolis of Athens

The iconic symbol of ancient Greek civilisation and the face of World Heritage, the Acropolis of Athens is set on a stunning rocky outcrop, containing several ancient buildings such as the world famous Parthenon temple to the goddess Athena. This truly is a must visit location.

Temple of Zeus

Temple of the Greek god and Olympian, Zeus, this former colossal temple in Athens began construction back in the 6th century BC. Seeing various hard times throughout its ancient life, today there are few more impressive sites than its surviving 16 columns.

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

For a look into another time period, and a trip to another wonderful Greek location, this impressive sounding castle in Rhodes really is quite something. This medieval castle is one of the few examples of Gothic architecture in Greece and was once a citadel of the Knights Hospitaller – a Catholic military order.