Travelling alone is the way to go, according to a new survey that reveals taking a solo trip is a goal for nearly a third of middle-aged holidaymakers in the UK.

Undertaken by travel insurance specialist Staysure, the survey demonstrates a rise in singles holidays for over 50s. Of the 10,000 British participants asked, 32 per cent have travelled alone in the last year and almost a quarter are planning to again.

The top reasons cited for solo excursions include having the freedom to plan holidays around individual needs, doing whatever you want and when you want, and indulging in some quality ‘me’ time.

Having the opportunity to experience new things and make new friends are also reasons given for choosing to fly solo, and 22 per cent of respondents claimed to have booked a second holiday away with someone they met when travelling alone.

It seems that our sense of adventure doesn’t decline with age and getting away from everyone we know can help us expand our horizons, or so the recent survey suggests, with even more people over 50 expected to take a solo break in 2016.

Image Credit: Tony Hisgett (flickr.com)