Sunset in Cyprus

According to the latest figures, tourism in Cyprus is flourishing as local officials are hoping for their best-ever year.

A perfect destination for great solo holidays, Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean Sea has seen a 40 per cent uptick in tourists arriving to the island in the last month alone. Officials believe the trend will continue and increase the likelihood of a record year for the island. The bonus is that added activity should also lead to improved experiences for holiday travellers as well.

According to tourist officials in Cyprus, arrivals to the island already hit a 14-year high in 2015 with 2.65 million visitors.

“The large increase recorded in March … shows at an early stage that this year, if something unexpected does not occur, will be the year with the highest number of arrivals in the history of Cyprus tourism,” the state-run Cyprus Tourism Organisation told Yahoo News.

This bump in visitors is due to an influx of British, German and Russian tourists. Travellers from Britain increased by 44 per cent, nearing 60,000 visitors – by far the highest number of foreign travellers to Cyprus. German and Russian travel has increased by 73 and 63 per cent respectively, but nowhere near the number of Brits sunning themselves on the island.

For would-be holidaymakers, Cyprus is a beautiful locale. With resort accommodations at Paphos, visitors can look forward to great beaches, historic sites and a number of great restaurants to choose from while there.

Image Credit: Chris Combe