A new article published by the Independent has poked fun at the traditional summer ‘group holiday’ – and it makes great reading for anyone who enjoys travelling solo!

Group playing beach volleyball

The article, composed by Lifestyle Writer Olivia Petter, presents seven ‘golden rules’ for anyone who is heading off to the sun this month with friends, and serves as a timely reminder of why solo getaways continue to grow in popularity.

The rules Olivia discusses include identifying the ‘bossy one’ within the holiday group so that you can decide how to handle them, being sure to carry small change at all times so that you are not caught out when having to split the bill between several people and – best of all – not being afraid to leave the group at any point to ‘take the opportunity to indulge in some “me” time’.

Fortunately, those who are looking forward to a singles holiday instead this summer will need no such ‘survival’ guides – the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how you’d best like to spend your hard-earned break!

Image Credit: Tom Hodgkinson