Best destinations for a New Year’s getaway

New Year fireworks


The new year is the perfect time to venture out of your comfort zone and embark on new adventures. Locations across the globe claim that they are the best spot to venture to as 2019 shows its face, but we’ve uncovered the truth, and can tell you where you need to be heading to for a January like no other.

If a spot of sun is what you’re after, then look no further than the likes of Morocco or the Cape Verde Islands. Offering you more than just sun, the cultural experience across the Atlantic will truly start your year off with a bang.

In vast contrast, if snow is more your thing, then there is no better way to see in the new year than hitting the snowy slopes. Our range of singles ski holidays head to destinations like La Plagne and Val-d’Isère all in the snowy landscapes of France.

Right on our doorstep, even CNN news has reported that: “Stately London along the Thames provides a remarkable backdrop for New Year’s Eve fireworks”, and that it should definitely be considered this year. Often disregarded as the ‘local’ go-to destination, London at New Year is an experience like no other and needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

A top spot that all of us dream about visiting throughout Christmas and the beginning of the year, New York needs no introduction as a winning destination. We offer singles holidays to the big apple and its surrounding areas and there is no better time to venture to foreign soil than the beginning of 2019.

Our first travel choice back in 1999 and remaining a favourite to this day, great beaches, unforgettable cuisine and amazing culture, Turkey is a stand-alone location.

Go big or go home – exactly what’ll happen if you visit Kenya for a new year full of the biggest cats in the world. What better way is there to celebrate than with a breath-taking safari in a fabulously welcoming country?

No matter what time of the year, we offer singles holidays across the globe and all that’s left to do is book one.