View of some Sardinian vineyardDespite an ongoing economic crisis throughout Europe, the Italian wine industry appears to be flourishing, according to a company that organises one of the biggest wine fairs in the world.

Italy has gradually established itself as the biggest exporter of wine in recent years, as proved by numerous foreign industry insiders at this year’s Verona Faire, according to festival director Giovanni Mantovani.

The country, which also relies on a strong tourism sector, is believed to hold a 23-percent share of the global wine market, with strong sales in the likes of Asia, North America and Germany.

The Italian cuisine is regarded by many as one of the finest in the world and has established its identity particularly in the Western world. The likes of Sardinia and Sicily have also helped create a strong touristic appeal, and are considered great options for those looking at enjoying some brilliant solo holidays.

Image courtesy of Flickr user fbaett