Venice, Italy

A recent study has found that Italy is the choice destination for solo travellers around the Valentine’s Day period.

Italy has seen an increase in tourism rates with more and more people enjoying breaks from the scenic sights of the main cities, to the ski slopes in the Alps.

The USA came second with business, shopping and sightseeing accounting for nine per cent of the overall visiting numbers for solo holidays. The Netherlands came in at third, proving popular with those choosing to travel on and around February 14th because of its close proximity to the UK and its beautiful surroundings.

The United Arab Emirates made fourth position, with the attraction of beach breaks across the pond for those planning a long-haul trip. Spain came in fifth as a result of those looking for a cruise, as well as for those looking to enjoy its world-renowned cuisine.

With temperatures set to stay as mild as they are here in the UK for February, more solo travellers are planning to take the short break to embrace the architecture and outstanding natural beauty of Italy.

Image Credit: Guiseppe Milo (