Jamaica enjoys huge increase in Latin American visitorsRecently released figures have shown that the Caribbean island of Jamaica enjoyed a boost to its visitor numbers in 2011, with an especially significant increase in holidaymakers travelling from the Latin American region.

Almost a quarter more people from countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador and Panama arrived in Jamaica last year compared with 2010, and the month of December alone saw an incredible 36.6% rise.

The results, published by the Jamaica Tourist Board, have been praised by the country’s Director of Tourism, who expects growth to continue throughout 2012.

John Lynch explained that the strong improvement was indicative of Jamaica’s ongoing commitment to treating those who visit the island to quality accommodation and holiday experiences at a great value price. This positive picture will look even better in a year’s time, he said, as infrastructure and services are enhanced further.

Providing the perfect mix of blissful relaxation and adrenaline-pumping activities, Jamaica is a great destination for anyone looking to book their singles holidays.

Image credit: Tomash Devenishek (flickr.com)