Jamaica to embark on new tourist strategy The Jamaican tourist board have announced they are planning a variety of activities and events aimed at drumming up the interest of foreign holiday makers and entice them to flock to the tropical island.

Among the strategies include a television advertising project headed by the Jamaica tourist board. They will be producing a small advert which will be broadcasted to a number of countries including Canada the US and the UK. Despite a number of difficulties faced during the last tourism year, Jamaica still posted a 1.7% increase, a figure that isn’t large but does indicate an increase none-the-less.

Other steps included their presence at the important travel shows including the regional travel show, Caribbean Marketplace, and a place at the International Tourism Convention in Germany, the worlds largest travel show.

With mile after mile of golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Jamaica is certainly one of the world’s most beautiful holiday locations. Why not visit the island as part of one of the many singles holidays available?

Image credit: 04deveni (Flickr)