Tourism in Kenya is maintaining a healthy status according to recent figures, which reveal tourism revenues missed their 100 billion Kenya shillings target by a tiny margin.

The Ministry of Tourism in Nairobi show final figures missed their initial target by a mere 2 billion Kenya shillings, despite ongoing issues with neighbouring Somalia, the woes of the euro zone and a potential global recession.

The figures reinforce Kenya’s status as a leading holiday destination and things are only going to get better for the country’s tourism sector, according to a source from Nairobi.

They were quoted as saying: “For 2012 we are optimistic and more so for 2013, when we will celebrate our 50th year of independence. We are planning a big programme of promotions alongside the Olympics in London this year and for 2013 we will probably see record spending for tourism marketing as we have our golden jubilee year”.

One of the most popular things to enjoy in Kenya is the safari, a popular destination for those on their singles holidays, regarded as a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Image courtesy of Flickr user eTravel guide