Kenyan safaris growing in popularityKenya has always been a popular destination for those seeking safari holidays and now it looks to become the favoured location for Australian tourists. There has been significant growth in the number of Australian tourists choosing Kenya for safari holidays; tourist numbers have increased by 23.9% since last year.

Despite these impressive figures Australia ranks only 10th on the list of source markets for safari holidays, the number one country being the UK. Safari seekers should be aware that the annual wildebeest migration is the most popular time to visit Kenya, but there is ample wildlife to see all year round; deserts, mountains, beaches and forests make up a diverse range of ecosystems. Kenyan hospitality and the singular range of wildlife that can be found in the country make it the ideal destination for a safari holiday.

Safari holidays in Kenya are all about being seeing the animals and enjoying the environments you’re in, so they make a great choice for those who are also looking for singles holidays.

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