Fancy some last minute sun on a singles holiday? After weeks of cheap flights to the Med there’s a real scramble for last-minute escapes, because everyone has had enough of the British (and Irish) so-called summer and is desperate to get away…

In theory, without partners or children to worry about, single travellers can jet off at a moment’s notice, and be sipping a cocktail on the beach quicker than you can say Ryanair.

But if you are trying to co-ordinate your holiday arrangements with friends or family, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  They need more notice than you do to arrange time off work, or a dog-sitter, and by the time they’ve done that, you have missed the chance.

The other thing about going on holiday with friends is agreeing where to go and what to do.  They fancy five-star, but your budget runs to three-star…  They want to be out sightseeing every day, but you would rather sleep in the sun by the pool…

Somebody has to compromise and all too often that’s the single traveller in the group, because you feel you have to fit in with them.

There’s no need to compromise on a singles holiday with Friendship Travel.  The great thing is that in a group of 15 to 30 guests you’ll find a range of personalities and different interests, and we give everyone the space and time to do their own thing – we don’t ‘organise’ you every minute of the day.

On virtually all our singles holidays, between those two sociable touch-points of breakfast and dinner (and breakfast again the next morning) there is plenty of time for each individual to do exactly what they like!

On any one holiday week, there will be three or four people who barely leave the hotel grounds, finding a shady corner and a comfy lounger the perfect place for reading all the books they’ve brought, or opting to toast themselves by the pool all day.

Caesars Gardens on Rhodes

And there will be a bunch of people who are keen to discover all the local area has to offer, whether that’s hiking up to the Lycian rock tombs in the hills above Oludeniz, paragliding down to the Blue Lagoon, or discovering the island of Rhodes on a jeep safari  (all of which can be arranged by our Hosts).

The Lycian Rock Tombs near Oludeniz

And the same is true in the evenings.  Some of our guests are party animals who love to explore the local bars and clubs until the wee small hours.  There are other people who prefer a good conversation in the hotel bar over a few local brandies, before getting their eight hours sleep!  On a Friendship Travel singles holiday, you can be yourself and enjoy your holiday, your way.


Right now, the sun is beating down on the Med, with temperatures in Oludeniz and Bodrum in the low 30s, while our guests in Rhodes are basking in the high 20s and enjoying the cooling sea breeze. So put yourself first this summer: forget about trying to fit in with other people’s holiday plans and try a singles holiday in Turkey or Greece.