The world-famous French ski destination of Les Deux Alpes has been officially recognised by a leading travel company as one of the best value resorts of its kind in Europe.

The survey from TripAdvisor, known as the TripIndex Ski, was a detailed cost comparison project which totalled the combined prices of a resort’s accommodation, its ski passes, ski hire, food and drink.

TripAdvisor noted that the Alps area in which the resort is situated is usually seen as a particularly expensive place to take a holiday. Les Deux Alpes, however, managed to buck the trend and rise towards the top of the list, with an estimated price to rival the best of those found throughout the rest of Europe’s less well-known destinations.

Providing stunning Alpine scenery, relaxing off-piste activities and some of the best skiing to be found in the region throughout the year, Les Deux Alpes is the ideal location for holidays for singles over 40’s.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Willtron