Mallorca and Ibiza worlds apartWhile the popular holiday destinations of Mallorca and Ibiza are just under 100km away from one another it would appear as though they are worlds apart in terms of their clientele. A new report has found that the two popular holiday destinations are growing increasingly disparate in terms of their visitors, with Ibiza attracting the younger generation and Mallorca being more popular among the over 45s.

The research taken from a Balearic Tourism study has found that the number of people looking sun holidays for singles over 40 on the Spanish islands differs hugely from island to island. While the number of over 45s looking for a holiday in Mallorca totals some 41.4 percent of the islands tourists, this figure drops to just 15 percent when looking at the popular party island of Ibiza.

It is thought that the findings of the report show the increasing differences between the atmospheres and types of holiday the two islands offer with a diverse tourism base within such close proximity. Despite these contrasting findings between the two islands there is still one thing that is clear- that Mallorca and Ibiza are still very popular among UK visitors of any age.


Image Credit: Tommie Hansen (flickr.com0029