A recent poll commissioned by leading travel website TripAdvisor has revealed that a beach in Mallorca is now seen as the best in Spain.

According to the wide-ranging survey, the strikingly beautiful Puerto Alcudia resort also ranks as the third most popular beach of its kind in Europe and 25th in the entire world.

The guide posted a rave review of the location, highlighting its vast five mile expanse of white sand, the charming nearby fishing village and many opportunities available to explore the crystal clear surrounding waters by spending time swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing. TripAdvisor’s comments also made note of Puerto Alcudia’s abundance of ancient Roman architecture, its unique shops and the fact that the lightly breezy conditions are perfect for paragliders.

An extremely popular destination worldwide in terms of holidays for singles, couples and families, Mallorca is loved for its golden beaches, stunning coastline, vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Stephen_G