Mallorca perfect escape from UK weatherMallorca has been hailed as the place to be to escape unappealing British weather on a recent holiday undertaken by a Daily Mail reporter. With the weather currently exhibiting floods and gale force winds, a relaxing holiday in the sun provides a much sought after period of respite for travellers this summer.

Home to plenty of celebrity villas, it is easy to see that Mallorca is a desirable location in which to relax after a hard day’s filming or, as in the case of the report, a helicopter ride. She took advantage of the glorious weather that Mallorca tends to have by visiting various beaches, dining outside, swimming outside and even having massages outside. The highlight for her trip, however, was the private helicopter ride that took her to the skies for a complete and uninterrupted view of the island, complete with commentary from the pilot.

Mallorca has been a popular destination with holidaymakers for many years now and, with the uninspiring weather at the moment, it makes for the perfect holiday destination. For great solo holidays a visit to Mallorca is highly recommended.

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