Mallorca proves it is Spain’s Top DestinationMallorca is well-known as a great holiday destination and it has the figures to prove it after the island has been named as Spain’s most popular holiday destination.

Hotels in Majorca have recorded the highest level of hotel occupancy in the country, making it Spain’s most coveted holiday choice, beating the likes of the Canary Isles and Catalonia.

Tourist numbers in June were also 20% higher than in May, and these figures look like they will be staying high with plenty of bookings for August too. Mallorca is a top tourist destination for many reasons, including its relaxing Mediterranean climate, wonderful beaches, delicious cuisine and fantastic range of hotels, bars and restaurants.

Discovering the culture of Mallorca in the morning, relaxing on a beach during the afternoon, followed by a dining experience filled with local delights makes for the perfect singles holidays, and it’s not hard to see why the Mediterranean Island continues to be so popular.

Image credit: john_worsley_uk