A man from Colorado has set the world speed record for skiing while strapped into a straightjacket.


The feat was attempted to raise money for charity – the Summit County Mountain Mentors programme – and the man in question, Jay De Baggis, managed to reach a pretty astonishing speed of 64mph.

For all you skiers out there, you’ll be aware of how important your arms are to steady yourself, or to help break your fall should you crash, making what this man managed to achieve all the more impressive.

Mr De Baggis commented that “my balance is pretty good”, which probably goes without saying.

The charity is to help at risk children, from 8 – 16 years old, use winter sports as a way of providing support and guidance.

While Guinness World Records haven’t officially confirmed the record as yet, De Baggis is unaware of anyone who has even tried the feat.

If Jay’s impressive accomplishment has inspired you, why not head to The Alps on your next solo holiday for a slightly safer bout of skiing fun.


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