Mauritius holidays for singlesOfficial figures have revealed that the number of people taking holidays to Mauritius in February increased by 2.5 per cent compared with last year.

Statistics Mauritius stated that 79,331 tourists entered the country during the month, up from the 77,390 recorded in February 2011. 59,195 of these were European, which represents a 2.4 per cent yearly improvement; of all the visitors to the country, roughly two-thirds traditionally hail from this continent. Meanwhile, an impressive 4.7 per cent more people arrived from Asia during the period.

Finance minister Xavier Duval outlined tourism’s great importance to Mauritius, accounting as it does for around 10 per cent of the island nation’s $11 billion annual income. Duval also said that much more still needed to be done, including better marketing integration between the public and private sectors, to make the most of Mauritius’ huge potential.

The perfect destination for holidays for singles, Mauritius offers a vibrant mix of lively city activity and stunning natural scenery.

Image courtesy of Peter Kuchar