Mirror article says buying currency early saves holidaymakers hundredsAn article published on the website of the Mirror newspaper has reminded Brits looking forward to getting away on an overseas holiday later this year that ensuring they exchange their pounds for foreign currency as soon as possible could create savings worth hundreds of pounds.

The piece, which can be read here, points out the pitfalls of embarking on singles holidays or any other kind of break and leaving changing their money until the last moment, and particularly warns people against doing so at the airport.

As the foreign exchange expert Noel Goddard is quoted as saying, ‘a bit of advance planning can ensure you avoid poor exchange rates or extortionate transaction fees’, allowing those taking trips to the continent or further afield to keep more in reserve for things they would rather spend it on, such as fine dining and entertainment.

The article also explains that, more often than not, the best transaction rates will not necessarily be found on your local high street: ‘on the internet you’ll find it easiest to compare rates’, it says, adding that this method will ‘often get a much better deal’.


Image credit: Images of Money (flickr.com)