With spectacular mountain views, blue waters and medieval villages, Montenegro is a fantastic holiday destination, especially for those looking to enjoy an over 60s singles holiday. It has been revealed that tourism has generated 1.16 billion euros, which indicates a successful forthcoming winter season.

Total Montenegro News reports that data shows more than two million tourists have visited Montenegro in the last nine months. The director of the National Tourism Organisation, Radak Kukavicic, tells them: “By November, according to the Central Bank, tourism revenues reached one billion and 16 million euros, while tourist tax revenues exceeded the figure of 9 million, which is a million and a half more than last year.”

Montenegro is on its way to becoming a year-round holiday destination, with the warm weather and golden beaches attracting tourists in the summer, and the snowy mountains appealing to those seeking an adventurous skiing holiday.

The success of tourism so far in 2019 is indicating that the upcoming winter months will bring in plenty of tourists until the season ends in April. Radak Kukavicic continues to tell Total Montenegro News: “From the very beginning, there will be a ski resort in Kolasin, Zabljak, Berane, Rozaje, and the Vučje Ski Center. On December 14th, we will officially open ski resorts in Kolasin, followed by other ski resorts, which will open the winter tourist season with a rich program.

“Progress is evident; we have been recording it for decades in the tourism sector. We are witnessing that these are double-digit growth rates and that Montenegro is at the top of the list by the World Tourism Organization and the European Commission for Tourism when it is about its growth.”

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