YOLO – you only live once – may be an acronym usually associated with twentysomethings, but according to a recent study it is becoming the new mantra for many over 50s.

The study by Vauxhall found that those in their 50s, 60s and older are becoming more adventurous than they were in their 20s.

This attitude to life is frequently reflected in travel choices, with those aged 54 in Britain experiencing a ‘second wind of life’ and choosing to try out adventure sports during their holiday. In the list of top 25 activities undertaken by over 50s, in at number one was booking last-minute holidays and at number four was booking a big travel trip.

Taking selfies has also risen in popularity. When on holiday, this could range from the obligatory poolside selfie to group selfies with your fellow travellers on a singles holiday for over 50s – the choice is endless! Some of the adventurous activities that have seen a resurgence in popularity with over 50s include scuba diving and swimming with sharks.

See the full list of 25 activities in this article.

Image Credit: star5112 (flickr.com)