A Barbados music festival is set to move to a different breath-taking location on each of its five days.

Barbados beach

Taking place in Barbados in April 2018, this unique music event will be sure to attract those looking into a Caribbean singles holiday next spring. The five day festival goes by the name of Vujaday and will take place at Farely Hill, Holetown, South Beach Zone, and the island’s east and west coasts.

Barbados is yet to see an electronic music event of this type and scale but luckily those behind Vujaday have decades’ worth of experience in the festival scene.

Running from Wednesday until Sunday, this five day music experience is sure to be a memorable one. Organisers are saying the festival’s unique format will allow visitors a day at each end of the event for travelling and that the location switching will help to keep the festival fresh for all those involved.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring a major electronic festival to Barbados,” says Ryan Kruger (via Lonely Planet), Vujaday co-founder and president of the RKET Group. “The island is brimming with a vivid culture and amazing sights to take in, and we wanted to make sure that the festival format allowed for guests to experience more than just a single location while enjoying music from around the world.”

The festival will run from 4 – 8 April, 2018. Visit the Vujaday Music Festival website for tickets.

Image Credit: Veronidae