Leading Eastern Europe travel guide website Argophilia have released their list of top 10 Spring Break destinations in the region, and the Greek island of Mykonos was one of the places to make the cut.

The entry outlines the potential benefits of ‘island hopping’ when you visit the country, but highlights Mykonosas the best location for partygoers of all ages.

Argophilia’s report praises the island for the warm welcome it extends to all kinds of holidaymakers, singling out the Skandinavian Bar-Disco as its hottest nightspot. It also states that those hoping for a more sedate time will not be disappointed either, with the stunning main town of Chora providing a charming atmosphere and unrivalled views.

Mykonosis a great place for people looking to take solo holidays, whether you are more interested in partying the night away or relaxing amongst the beautiful scenery. Book today and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Avnet