MykonosThe picturesque Greek island of Mykonos has been named as a great place to take a holiday in 2012 by a leading UK flight operator.

A complimentary article has praised this most glamorous of locations for its safety, affordability and diversity, despite the recent economic troubles which have seen Greece occasionally making headlines for the wrong reasons.

The report emphasises that places like Mykonos have remained unaffected by the situation in Athens, other than the fact that the cost of holidaying there has gone down recently.

Also comparing Greece to Italy in terms of its potential for cultural adventures, the article makes note of the many ancient artefacts and heritage sites that are waiting to be explored around the area.

Regarded as the perfect destination for holidays for singles, Mykonos offers the perfect mix of relaxing natural beauty and an exciting nightlife; for the best of both worlds, be sure to book a trip to this stunning island soon.

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