Wi-Fi in skiesFast Wi-Fi could be available in the skies by 2014 if the proposals by communications regulator Ofcom to license a new satellite system come into effect. When flying in British airspace, you could look forward to surfing the internet 10 times faster than the speed currently available on some airlines.Ofcom policy director Charles Jenne said: “Recent innovations in satellite technology mean it is now possible for aircraft, ships and trains to access the internet at speeds closer to what you’d expect from home broadband.” This could mean that anyone on the flight to their singles holiday could stream content from sites such as the BBC’s iPlayer or Netflix.

It would be an airline’s choice to use the new systems; something Ofcom says will come down to “a commercial decision”. Ultimately, this is something that could certainly ease the pressure from a long flight!

Image Credit: Sean MacEntee (flickr.com)