New logo for MallorcaThe major city and port on the island of Mallorca has been given a new logo after an international competition featuring over 300 entrants spawned a winner.

In what is part of an idea to re-invent the island as a year round holiday destination, the Palma de Mallorca, recently renamed from Palma, is also hoping to market itself as a place that has more than just beaches, sun and sea whilst appealing to a wider age range by offering activities and events for all ages.

It is hoped the logo, which features an ‘m’ representing a heart accompanied by the tag line ‘passion for enjoying!!’ along with a series of other initiatives will help move the island away from the image of Magaluf and more toward the year round possibilities available to enjoy on the island.

It is just one of many luxurious locations to enjoy your singles holidays this year and is the ideal excuse for a relaxing vacation.

Image credit: ferlomu