New sculpture park to open in Aspat Castle, BodrumA sculpture park is being planned for Bodrum in Turkey, fantastic news for anyone wanting to enjoy holidays for singles that are full of art and culture as well as that wonderful hot holiday weather.

The new open air sculpture park and art centre will be located around Aspat Castle, a part of Bodrum’s Turgutreis district that is already regarded as historically fascinating. 60 sculptures created by sculptors from Turkey, Italy, Japan, Greece, Uzbekistan and Germany will be placed around the sculpture park. Some of the sculptors began their work 10 years ago, and this is the year where it all comes together.

The marble used by the sculptors comes from the Turkish province of Muğla, the same area that Aspat Castle can be found in. As well as the sculptures there will be an atelier in which paintings will be displayed, 120 paintings by 60 painters.

The sculpture park has been filled with the sculptures and paintings already, so the plan for it to open in early October is looking good. Make sure to pay the park a visit on your next holiday to Turkey; it’s sure to be a fantastic example of Turkish culture.

Image credit: Harvey Barrison (