Number of Britons booking holidays to Greece soars The numbers of holidaymakers booking vacations to Greece is soaring according to new figures, despite ongoing financial difficulties and uncertainty surrounding its use of the euro.

A survey conducted by foreign exchange company Travelex shows that as many as four million Britons could head to the Mediterranean country this summer, which is double the average number.

The findings also exhibited compelling evidence that some people had booked the holiday due to the strengthening of the pound against the euro, thus offering better value for money.

Elvin Eldic of Travelex said: ‘It looks like when it comes to summer holidays, Brits are more concerned about bagging a bargain than whether or not Greece gets another bailout.’

There has never been a better time to take advantage of some fantastic singles holidays available to the stunning, sun-soaked country, which boasts a myriad of white-sand beaches and cultural sites of interest.

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