DolphinsThere’s a brand new method of discovering dolphins off the coast of the Algarve, with a brand new catamaran all set to offer tours in just a matter of days.

Called the Ocean Spirit, the new vessel of the Dolphins Driven fleet will be inaugurated from Albufeira and is large enough to carry 100 passengers as well as a crew of 17. Costing €1million, the vessel is state of the art and it is sure to be enjoyed by millions of holidaymakers in the years to come.

With the balmy waters surrounding Portugal’s south coast teeming with sea life, it’s hardly surprising that wildlife watching tours are one of the best activities for those on singles summer holidays in the region to enjoy. Included in the crew will be a team of biologists, all of which can provide a detailed description of the animals spotted along the way.

If you are looking forward to discovering Portugal’s south coast during your next holiday, be sure to come along to Albufeira and climb aboard the Ocean Spirit for yourself.

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