Hi, Mel here, blogging from Turkey this week.

I have something a little bit different for you this week.  At the Era Hotel, our house-party for single travellers in Olu Deniz, we sometimes offer singles walking holidays.  So I decided to dust off the walking boots and join our group for a day walking the Lycian Way.  (Nothing too strenuous… please!!)

Looking over Fethiye

Our first stop was Fethiye and the local market to have a good look around.  We sampled as much cheese, fruit, spices and teas as we could.  Then it was time to do some more adventurous walking up to the Lycian Rock Tombs.  I have seen these many times, from a distance, but had yet to climb the 200 steps right up to the tombs themselves. What a magnificent view of Fethiye we had from there!

Lycian Rock Tomb

Then it was all the way back down, back through Fethiye and the old town of Paspatur to visit the ancient amphitheatre.  This was followed by a relaxing Turkish bath in the late afternoon…  I thought it was a really enjoyable half-day of easy walking perfect just to ease the group in before the more serious trekking the next day.

Ibo (one of our other Turkey-based Friendship Travel hosts) also wanted to join the group for a day so I packed him off for a more challenging trek through Kayakoy (a ghost village).  This put Ibo’s fitness levels to the test, and all I can say is he didn’t get off as lightly as me!!

Walking to Kayakoy

The group is thoroughly enjoying their days out walking, while the rest of our single travellers at the Era are relaxing on the beach, or by the pool soaking up the warm sunshine.

The walking boots need to go back in the cupboard, I think it’s time to start looking for my dancing shoes now, ready for the End of Summer Dinner Dance!  Could this be a link for another blog post? ……. watch this space!

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