A group of paddleboarders have discovered a stunning hidden cave off the Irish coast.

sea cave

In an unexpected turn of events, four friends who were paddleboarding off the coast of Kerry in Ireland, were shocked when they came across an incredible cave. Kerry is well known for its beautiful scenery, with particular highlights being the Ring of Kerry and Skellig Michael – where parts of the latest ‘Star Wars’ trilogy have been filmed.

Knowing all of this, however, wasn’t enough to prepare these four friends for what they found. Paul Deering, the president of his university’s surf club, was heading to Kerry with his friends, looking for some waves.

When the venture wasn’t successful, they decided to paddle along the coast instead.

“We noticed an opening to a small cave so we paddled into it, and it opened up into an incredible cavern,” Paul told Lonely Planet. “Surprisingly, there was also a small wave you could surf through at the entrance.”

“It was scary at first as there were waves crashing through the entrance, but once we got through, our breath was taken away.

“What we came upon was nothing short of spectacular. To have a cave with an accessible entrance, an opening in the roof to let light in and a beautiful beach at the bottom is extremely rare, and another example of the incredible beauty of the west coast of Ireland.”

There is no doubt that this part of the world is home to some truly breath-taking scenery, and there isn’t a better way to discover it than with a UK and Ireland singles holiday.