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Millions of people from around the world head onto Pinterest to be inspired for different aspects of their lives, from what to cook for dinner, what to gift your best friend or where to go on a singles holiday for over 60s. Pinterest keeps track of what their 320 million users are pinning, which identifies cultural shifts and consumer behaviour. The platform has recently published its annual Pinterest 100, which reveals the top trends in 2020 in seven categories; food, home, style, beauty, health, travel and family. Let’s take a look at the travel trend forecast for the upcoming year.

Pinterest 100 announces that: “Like many industries, tourism is reaching an eco-conscious crossroad as people look to lessen their impact when exploring new places. For some travellers, that means monitoring their environmental impact. They’re embracing cleaner transit methods, or even taking staycations instead of long-distance getaways. For others, it’s more about their cultural impact including avoiding overcrowded hot spots and picking destinations with smaller tourist scenes. People still seek adventure—they just want more responsible ways to make it happen.”

One of the key trends identified was the rise of staycations, as more people look for somewhere closer to home to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Another trend, as the Evening Standard reports, is the rise of nature travel. With ‘Nature travel’ having seen a 253% increase amongst Pinterest users, plus ‘Hiking fashion’ with a 194%, Pinterest predicts more people will be looking for walking holidays where they can walk, hike and even rock climb to witness beautiful unobstructed views.

Pinterest also explains that today’s travellers are seeking meaningful activities, trading overcrowded tourist spots for cooking classes and artisan visits. Therefore, more people are expected to look for relaxing holidays away from commercial noise.

The full list of Pinterest 100 travel trends is below:

  • Train travel
  • Zero-waste travel essentials
  • Staycations
  • Eco-friendly cities
  • Eco-friendly travel
  • Agritourism
  • Learning vacations
  • Eco-structures
  • Travel stories
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Nature travel

If any of the above sounds like it might be part of your dream getaway, look into booking solo holidays, as they are the perfect way to tick off so many of Pinterest’s trends while also getting to travel with like-minded people.