jamaicaThe tourism sector in Jamaica is in for a boost after the country’s Minister of Tourism and Entertainment Dr. Wykeham McNeill suggested its tourism product will be expanded into the areas of health, sports, community and entertainment.

Speaking at the International Tourism Bourse Berlin travel trade show, Dr. McNeill seemed keen to build upon Jamaica’s huge potential for a larger section of the population to get involved in tourism.

He was quoted as saying: “Our plan is to facilitate the communities owning and showcasing their own aspects of our culture, craft, food, history, natural and built environment as an expansion of the tourism product.”

He also referred to the up and coming Olympic Games as a potential tourism boost, citing the success of Jamaican sprinters such as Usain Bolt in helping to raise the country’s profile.

Perhaps most renowned for its stunning scenery and party lifestyle, Jamaica also has a grand cultural heritage and is a popular place for those on their singles holidays.