David Cameron

The Prime Minister David Cameron and wife Samantha Cameron were seen in Portugal this week, where they are enjoying a family holiday during the six-week summer break from Parliament.

As a relaxing destination known for its great beaches, scenery and cuisine, Portugal is the ideal destination for both family and single holidays abroad, and especially for those who are in need of a break from their busy lives.

David and Samantha were both spotted spending time in Alvor, a coastal resort in southern Portugal. Having spent a holiday in the Algarve in 2013, the Cameron’s know the area well and seem to be spending more time relaxing by the sea with drink in hand, rather than touring the area.


The Prime Minister has a few other travel plans this summer, which include Cornwall and Scotland, and will be returning to parliament with the rest of the country’s MPs on 7 September.

Image Credit: brett jordan (flickr.com)