Portugal canal

Portugal attracts people from all over the world to come and enjoy the sandy beaches, bustling cities and hot weather, whether it’s families or those looking for holidays for singles over 60. These days more people are hoping to travel responsibly and to places that take sustainability seriously, so it’s great news that Portugal has announced a new sustainability strategy.

Breaking Travel News has recently conducted an in-depth investigation into Portugal’s new strategy, looking at the key points of how the country will become a sustainable travel destination, focusing on economic, social and environmental factors.

As part of the 2027 strategy, the environmental initiatives will focus on the below, according to Breaking Travel News:

  • “Energy: To boost the number of tourism companies developing energy efficiency measures by 90 per cent in 2027.
  • Water: To boost the number of tourism companies developing water efficiency measures by 90 per cent in 2027.
  • Waste: To boost the number of tourism companies developing waste management measures by 90 per cent in 2027.”

The social sustainability strategy will look to improve the skillset of works, to increase year-round tourism rather and reduce Portugal’s seasonality and to improve local attitudes towards tourism. For the economic focus, the strategy outlines a plan to increase the average stay of guests.

The news article also highlights some of the ways the strategy will be implemented in the country. One being Portuguese Waves, an initiative to promote the sustainability of Portugal’s surf spots. As many tourists are attracted to the country for its sea swell and sandy beaches, this will encourage best practices to help the preservation of nature.

Luis Araújo, chairman of Turismo de Portugal commented: “In Portugal, we intend to affirm Tourism as a hub for economic, social and environmental development throughout the territory, positioning Portugal as one of the most competitive and sustainable tourist destinations in the world. To achieve what we have set out, it is essential to define implementation measures with adequate funding, investment in technology, infrastructure and human resources.”

This strategy adds even more of a reason to enjoy a singles holiday in Portugal and make the most of its stunning beaches, local culture and warm weather.