Possible Boost for Low Season Flights to MallorcaThe Mallorcan Government recently entered talks with a number of airlines, trying to secure additional low season flights to the popular tourist destination.

The island of Mallorca is well known for it’s beautiful summers, a haven for both group and solo holidays, but it’s low season also makes for a great time to visit the island, with plenty of activities to enjoy. The problem in the past, however, has been the limited number of flights to Mallorca in the low season, a problem the local government is looking to rectify.

The talks currently involve three UK airlines, EasyJet, Monarch and Ryanair, all of which are already planning on increasing summer flights to the island. The government is also sweetening the deal by offering airfare discounts on new routes to the island, something which may well seal the deal.

If the deal is agreed to, new flights to the island could begin as early as November 2013, which is great news for fans of the island destination.

Image Credit: fr4dd (flickr.com)