Price caps on mobile phone usage brought into European Union Under new legislation, caps on calls, texts and internet usage while using your phone abroad are set to be introduced, spelling an end to unpleasant sizeable charges for those who want to contact home on their holidays.

Set to be introduced all over the European Union, the measures could see overseas charges slashed by almost two-thirds. The biggest drop is in the cost of calls, falling from a whopping price of 46p to a more manageable 29p, while the cost of text messages will be cut by 18% from 11p down to 9p. For those who can’t resist an update on social networking sites or checking in with news from around the world, it has also been announced that downloads will now cost no more than 70p per MB.

This all comes as great news for those looking forward to their singles holidays this summer, meaning that phoning home while soaking up the sun in beautiful locations such as the Algarve won’t have to cost the earth.

Image credit: rayand