A number of rare species of wildlife have been captured via hidden cameras in Cambodia.


Proving its importance as a wildlife conservation zone, Cambodia’s iconic Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary has recently provided images of dozens of endangered animal species.

The camera traps were fitted by The Wildlife Conservation Society in April of this year to try and present a picture of just how diverse the national park actually is.

In the time since, there have been many sightings of some of Cambodia’s most wonderful and enigmatic species, such as Asian elephants, leopard cats, wild pigs, and numerous species of macaque.

The footage also revealed a bevy of other native animals such as Indian bison, banteng, and sambar deer.

“This study again confirms that key wildlife species are still living in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, making it a very important protected area for wildlife conservation.” Said Sot Vandoeun of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

There is always more work to do in order to help conserve these wonderful species of course, but it just goes to show what a truly miraculous centre for wildlife Cambodia is. Holidays for singles don’t come much better than here, and this is just one of the many reasons why.