Record visitor numbers for CroatiaThe tourism sector in Croatia has been enjoying a well-publicised boom over recent years, thanks to an influx of sun-seekers and culture vultures.

But latest figures, which suggest the country has seen a record number of visitors, will be greeted with much delight by high-ranking tourism officials in the Mediterranean nation.

According to official statistics, arrivals from the UK are up 25 per cent compared to last year, partly thanks to a number of new routes that have been adopted by international airlines in recent months.

With increased exposure to holidaymakers looking for options abroad, it is anticipated that visitor numbers will further soar, cementing Croatia’s status as one of the most popular destinations in the world to explore right now.

Boasting beautiful white-sand beaches and rich, traditional cultures, it is no surprise Croatia has become so popular. Come and check it out whilst on some unforgettable singles holidays to the country for a memorable vacation.


Image credit: Ante Perkovic