Research shows holidaying can improve people's healthNew research has revealed that going on holiday can have a multitude of health benefits, and that these positive effects tend to stay with people for weeks or even months afterwards.

The Holiday Health Experiment was co-run by the biggest healthcare charity in the UK, Nuffield Health, and brought with it some amazing results from the selection of volunteers who took part in the study.

Overall, it was found that blood pressure decreased by six per cent amongst people who took group or singles holidays overseas for the purposes of the experiment, whilst this actually increased by two per cent within those who stayed at work during the same period.

Some of the other intriguing results which were collated included sleep quality going up by 17 per cent for the holidaymakers (compared with a fall of 14 per cent for those who remained at home), whilst vacationers were an impressive 29 per cent more able to recover from stress after returning to their daily routines.

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