It has been revealed which nationalities travel the world more than any others.

world travel map

When out exploring the world, you’ll likely have noticed certain nationalities more than others, and might think you have a good idea of which countries are the most-travelled. Well, now we know for sure, thanks to a new report on the subject.

Hostelworld has analysed the global booking data from 170 countries, and has found that people from Ireland – in proportion to its small population – get around the most, with Australians and New Zealanders following behind.

Looking at data since 2014, the Irish make the most accommodation bookings per capita, but are also staying in locations closer to home, in spots like Dublin and Belfast.

Australians are more likely to jet around the world, with cities like London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Barcelona being the most sought-after destinations.

The top 10 most travelled countries

After Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, the rest of the top 10 of most travelled countries is as follows: England, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Scotland, Sweden, and Denmark.

Without taking into account population size, the US have the most overseas bookings thanks to its massive size. The US is then followed by England, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

London is the most popular destination for travellers from these countries. Spain is the most visited country overall since 2014 – and a particularly popular destination for an over 40 singles holiday.

There is so much to explore out there, and with the weather the UK has been having this summer, it’s not surprising to see its citizens so eager to travel abroad.