Greek tourism bosses have this week revealed that they now expect around 21.5 million visitors to come to Greece in 2014.

Around 21.5 million visitors are expected to come to Greece in 2014The Hellenic Association of Tourism Enterprises also expect that people heading on singles holidays to Greece and other types of vacations will bring in €13.5 billion to the country this year.

This new estimation has come after it was recently revealed that in the first seven months of 2014 the number of visitors coming to Greece through Greek airports rose by 15.2 per cent (1.2 million extra passengers) compared to the previous year. The statistics show that in July alone over three million people came to Greece on holiday.

The study also found that other countries have attracted more holidaymakers this year with Spain seeing a 7 per cent rise in 2014 compared to 2013, Turkey a 6.8 per cent rise and Cyprus a 5.9 per cent rise in the first seven months of 2014.

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