Details have emerged of a recent Moroccan holiday taken by the king of Saudi Arabia, which reportedly cost somewhere in the region of $100 million.

Ornate courtyard in Marrakech

King Salman owns a lavish palace complex in the exotic north-western port of Tangier – apparently the monarch’s favourite destination in the world – and this MailOnline article reveals the extraordinary details of what he paid for on his latest stay there.

According to the article, the 81-year-old king brought with him an entourage of around 1,000 courtiers, as well as about 200 cars for them to travel in.

Aerial images reveal how the 74-acre palace is without doubt large enough to comfortably accommodate such a huge party, with recent additions to the facilities there including three helipads and several new buildings.

Analysts have calculated that King Salman’s recent month-long jaunt to Morocco accounted for the equivalent of 1.5% of the country’s tourism revenue for the entire year.

Whilst our single holidays overseas cannot claim to quite match the level of exclusivity enjoyed by the Saudi king in his palace, we can say that a break in this enchanting North African nation is always a rewarding experience that will certainly make you feel like royalty!

Image Credit: Kees Kortmulder