After spending three dark, damp weeks back home I was delighted to be flying off to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt to Host our single travellers arriving at the Viking Club and get some well needed winter sunshine.

This is my second visit to this really nice three-star hotel, where we’ve organised singles holidays for a couple of winters now.  When I arrived, the staff gave me a very warm welcome back: they’re very good here, and there is always someone on hand if I ever need anything.  I got myself settled in and the next day the group were arriving.

On our first night the hotel held a themed Oriental night.  Dinner was served outside (so lovely to sit out on a warm evening again!) around the Loki pool area, with lots to choose from, along with traditional Egyptian dancing including belly dancers.

Pool area at the Viking Club

Well, I think it was a record to say that we managed to drink the bar dry of white wine on our first night, with all guests mixing well  and enjoying themselves.  Thankfully, the hotel team re-stocked quickly, so we were never at risk of running out again!

The following day guests all enjoyed lazing around the pool area and soaking up the rays.  That evening after dinner I led everyone off to the bright lights of Naama Bay where there is always plenty going on.   On this visit, we dropped in to the Camel Bar located in the centre to sample some of the cocktails on offer.

Later in the week everyone went on a relaxing boat trip to Ras Mohamed National Park, one of the best spots for diving and snorkelling .  Even if you’re not a great diver, this is one of those days that delivers on the sun-tan front!

And on our final day, most people opted to chill out at the beach in the morning and in the late afternoon we held a private party on the roof of the Viking Club, which is a great place to see the sun go down.

Celebrating John’s Birthday with cake!

This was a great way to celebrate John’s birthday (one of our guests this week).  And at dinner, the hotel really rose to the occasion.  First, the Restaurant went quiet, then the bongo drums started up and out came the staff, bearing a birthday cake and dancing!  John had to join in of course and a good time was had by all.  So good in fact that one of our other guests declared “I really don’t want to go home!” 

The sign of a good holiday I think…   I really enjoyed the week too and am now heading over to our five-star hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, the Baron Palms, to see what they’re planning for our next group.

Towel Art at the Viking Club!