Sicilian lifestyle praised for health benefits A group of villages in Sicily’s Sicani Mountains region have been praised by scientists for the exceptional health of their residents.

A team of researchers from the University of Palermo visited the five villages and studied the simple way of life and sensible diets enjoyed by those living there, where life expectancy is famously high. According to the scientists, the proportion of people who hail from the area and live to reach 100 is as much as four times greater than elsewhere in Italy.

The amazing figures have been chiefly attributed to the villagers’ high levels of physical activity, as well as their regular intake of seasonal plant food and quality local olive oil.

Those looking to go on singles holidays this year should definitely consider Sicily as a potential destination. With stunning scenery, exceptional cuisine and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, it is no wonder the island is such an enduringly popular location with holidaymakers.

Image courtesy of noramorgan (flickr)