Single at Christmas

Friendship Travel have carried out a survey about being single at Christmas and more than 800 people took part, the majority being in their 40s and 50s.

The good news is that very few single people spend Christmas Day home alone, unless they choose to. And let’s face it, sometimes some ‘me time’ with a box set can be a good thing! Let’s not forget those who have to work over Christmas too, especially healthcare and emergency service personnel.

The majority of people surveyed – especially those who are separated, divorced or widowed – have grown-up children, and many have grandchildren. Families take other forms too: brothers and sisters and their families, for example. It was therefore not surprising to learn that 71% of people spent Christmas Day last year with family members.

But it was not much fun, according to the survey! 47% admitted that Christmas doesn’t live up to the hype, and a significant number – 20% – said they didn’t enjoy Christmas at all.

One woman said, “I always feel the odd one out at family and friends at Christmas.”  Another commented, “I would rather go to Australia, knowing I could relax on Christmas Day, do my own thing, and not have to pander to my family for once!”

In fact, when asked to describe their fantasy Christmas, almost everyone said they would rather go somewhere sunny – like the Caribbean – with people their own age, to relax and have fun in their own way.

And yet… when the survey asked where people expect to be on Christmas Day 2016, most people said they would probably be spending it with family again!

How come? There’s a huge holiday-sized gap here between what single people say they dream of, and what they actually end up doing! It seems that singletons are putting others first, and are reluctant to break away from the traditional family Christmas.

People often say “Christmas is all about the children” but do you really enjoy entertaining noisy nieces and nephews for hours on end, peeling sprouts by the ton, watching the Queen’s speech, and having to wear the bed socks auntie Ethel knitted for you?

We sincerely hope that if you opt for a family Christmas, it will be a happy one. But if in your heart you are dreading it, then Friendship Travel is here to rescue you. We have more than a dozen great escapes for solo travellers; hosted Christmas breaks with good food, good company and no pressure to do anything except relax and enjoy yourself in your own way.

How about a UK hotel break, with roaring log fires and mulled wine? Friendship Travel have three UK Christmas breaks for single people: in Berkshire, Warwickshire and the city of Chester. If you fancy some city sightseeing then be Friendship Travel guests in Belfast or Barcelona.

There are singles holidays for singletons in Morocco, Malta, Cyprus, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and the Cape Verde island of Boa Vista.  Friendship Travel also have a group heading off to the exciting new destination of Cuba.  And if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, holidaymakers can head to the Alps for skiing and snowboarding.

So be brave, break the habit of a lifetime and start dreaming. Then, when you’re asked the inevitable question, “What are you doing for Christmas?” you can smile and say “I’m going away with friends.” Because that’s what you’ll be doing: going away with Friendship Travel!