A guest’s blog from the trip to Berlin – It was only three days, but wow did we pack in some sights and angles!  Eight single travellers arrived with various wish lists, most of which were accomplished by the time Monday afternoon rolled by and we departed by plane and train.

Ibis Mitte Hotel is conveniently close to one of the main hubs for public transport in Berlin, walking distance from a Beer Cellar perfect for first night craic, walking distance from the TV Tower which gives a bird’s eye view of the entire city, ten minutes walk to the excellent open top buses which have excellent commentary in English for tours throughout the city.   All guests took advantage of different aspects of Berlin and generally had a ball

A guests picture from Berlin

The pic above is the Holocaust Memorial, which has no written description as it is left to you to form your own idea of what it represents.  Most of us walked through it and of course discussed it later.  Berlin is full of surprises, not least that you can go through the city by boat.  In 24 hours most of us saw Berlin from the top of the TV tower, from the river tour and from the top of a bus, all with excellent commentary.   A free walking tour is well organised, our guide was an Ozzie who spoke with passion about her adopted home and deserved all the tips she received.

Food is varied, of course we tried out the Beer Cellar, had Borscht soup and dined on Wiener Schnitzel.   The bar within the hotel was perfect for ending the day for some of the group.  There is so much more to see, I shall be back in Berlin soon I hope.